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در این بخش ۱۵ مقاله مرتبط با مدیریت ریسک برای شما عزیران در نظر گرفته شده است. جهت دانلود از لینکهای زیر استفاده کنید.



 Risk Management_New




مدیریت ریسک 1

مدیریت ریسک 2

مدیریت ریسک 3

مدیریت ریسک 4

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مدیریت ریسک 14

مدیریت ریسک 15

عناوین این ۱۵ مقاله به شرح زیر است:

1- A Bayesian approach to estimate the marginal loss distributions in operational risk management L. Dalla Valle, P. Giudici_2008


2- Financial distress and corporate risk management, Theory and evidencess Amiyatosh Purnanandam_2007


3- Dynamic risk management of the lending rate policy of an interacted portfolio of loans via an investment strategy into a discrete stochastic framework Athanasios A. Pantelous


4- Risk management of a bond portfolio using options Jan Annaert, Griselda Deelstra, Dries Heyman, Mich`ele Vanmaele_2007


5- Risk management in a competitive electricity market Min Liu, Felix F. Wu_2007


6- A stochastic model for risk management in global supply chain networks Mark Goh, Joseph Y.S. Lim, Fanwen Meng_2007


7- Risk management in ERP project introduction: Review of the literature Davide Aloini, Riccardo Dulmin, Valeria Mininno _2007


8- Planning effort as an effective risk management tool_Ofer Zwikael, Arik Sadeh_2007


9- Risk management of pensions from the perspective of loss aversion_Johannes Binswanger_2007


10- A decision framework for risk management, with application to the offshore oil and gas industry_T. Aven, J.E. Vinnem, H.S. Wiencke_2007


11- A multivariate neuro-fuzzy system for foreign currency risk management decision making Vincent C.S. Lee, Hsiao Tshung Wong_2007


12- Risk management: All stakeholders must do their part_ P.-A.Dastous, J. Nikiema, D. Marechal, L. Racine, J.P. Lacoursie`re_2008


13- The ten commandments of legal risk management Michael B. Metzger_2008


14- Risk management in uncapacitated facility location models with random demands _Michael R.Wagner, Joy Bhadury, Steve Peng


15- In search of opportunity management, Is the risk management process enough_Rolf Olsson_2007



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